Car Air Conditioning

Is your car air conditioning not working or just not as cold as it used to be? Then give the team at Beenleigh Batteries a call and our helpful auto electricians will help you get your car air con cool again.

At Beenleigh Batteries, we specialise in providing a range of automotive air conditioning services, including:
  • Air conditioning servicing
  • Regassing
  • Diagnostics and repair air conditioning problems
  • Installation and replacement of new system components
  • Compressor and condenser unit installation or repairs

All our auto electricians are fully qualified and hold a current ARC accredited license No. AU00787.  We provide A1 quality workmanship and ensure our air conditioning practices are safe and environmentally friendly.


We offer a range of vehicle regasing services, which include:

  • Leak test all components
  • Identify the type of gas in the system
  • Convert Pre 1994 vehicles from old CFC R12 gas to New R134a gas
  • Recharge with R134a refrigerant gas, fluro dye and oil

Beenleigh Batteries Arctic Auto AirCar air conditioning diagnostics and repair

We can diagnose and repair all air car air conditioning problems, such as:
  • Carry out pressure and temperature test
  • Check condition of all hoses and wiring harnesses
  • Repair or modify hoses and pipes
  • Eliminate bad odors from your air conditioner
  • Repair climate control systems

Installation and replacement of system components

If your vehicle needs new or replacement air con parts, the team at Beenleigh Batteries can supply and fit parts to get your air con back in working order.

Car air conditioning Beenleigh

Call us to today to get your car air conditioning in top shape before summer. Located in the heart of Beenleigh, we conveniently service customers from, Beenleigh, Logan, Ormeau, Springwood and surrounding areas.